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Can I Make "Chicken Cobbler Casserole" / Chicken Fajita Panzanella?

I saw an article from Southern Living / myrecipes.com on Flipboard for different casseroles, which I can't find. Haha! :) Anyways, this one appealed to me because the ingredients were like chicken fajitas and panzanella, which is an Italian bread salad. And I had some leftover rolls, so it was a perfect fit to make a small size portion.


This is a quick post on an easy Panzanella you could make.


What I used:

- Chicken breast (I had batch cooked plain already)

- Red and green peppers

- Vinegar

- Parmesan cheese

- Mushrooms


I sauteed some bell peppers and onions. Actually, I used some for this dish and then I froze the rest in smaller bags to use for different meals.


I cut the rolls into smaller chunks. Then I added everything together in a little oven-safe dish. (I took the mushrooms out of the liquid. Haha!)

I baked it all together, so the bread could get crusty and the cheese melt-y! That's it!

It was really good! The ingredients were something I wouldn't have thought to put together with the chicken, bell peppers, onions -- it's like chicken fajitas, plus the bread croutons makes it like a panzanella. It's tasty!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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