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Can I Make "Chicken and Dumplings"?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I found out about onedishkitchen.com on Pinterest; onedishkitchen.com focuses on making recipes for an individual serving or one dish. :) That appealed to me as I usually cook for myself and then I also usually have to calculate smaller amounts to make individual servings of dishes from most recipes.

This Chicken and Dumplings recipe looked good and the dumpling part is an example of a recipe that would be a little challenging to divide to make a smaller portion, so it was nice it was calculated out already.



What I used:

- Dried vegetables from soup mix

- Water

- Garlic

- 1 Chicken breast

- Flour

- Butter

Note: In her recipe, she recommends celery and carrots etc. I didn't have those at the time, so I used some dried vegetable soup mix. If you don't feel like chopping, I have seen mirepoix or carrots, celery and onions pre-chopped for you at the grocery store.

She also notes that you could use rotisserie chicken instead of raw chicken breast.

I got the chicken, garlic and veggies and broth going. Then I made the dumpling dough.

Then I added little pieces of dough for dumplings and then they puffed up! I don't know why I took these slightly off-center photos of the pot., but I took them the exact same photo several minutes apart. Haha! :)

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! It was really good! I never made chicken and dumplings and I was surprised how fast it was to make this hearty home-cooked meal from scratch essentially! It only took 15-20 min. or so.!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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