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Can I Make "Candied Pecans"?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

For Pecan Day, I decided to make Candied Pecans. There is a Pecan day in March & April; it's unclear why. I decided to go with the one in April.

I used this recipe from the Food Network.


What is Pecan Day?

"Pecan Day - Always March 25

National Pecan Day - Always April 14

Pecan Day is a rather nutty day. Its a day to celebrate and enjoy popular, tasty pecans. Apparently, someone thought that it was such a great nut, that they created two days to celebrate Pecans. One in March, and the other in April. A little nutty perhaps, but true.

Name the only nut tree native to North America. ... You guessed it........ Pecan trees.

Celebrate Pecan Day and National Pecan Day by cracking open and eating a few pecan nuts. Also, have some pecan pie.

Origin of "Pecan Day":

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. So, we could not resolve the reasoning for two Pecan Days. We did discover that April is National Pecan Month. So, it seems more logical for Pecan Day to be celebrated in April."


Attempt #1:


- 2 cups of Pecans

- 1 cup Water

- 2 cups of Sugar

- pinch of Cayenne Pepper

You put the sugar and water on the stove on medium and let it get golden-brown and sticky.

I meant to only do a small half-batch, but then i realized I added enough water for a whole batch, so then I had to add more sugar. Haha! :)

I was actually sitting there watching the stove and still somehow I burned it! Haha! :) I decided to keep going and put the pecans in there anyways. It wasn't 2 cups of pecans.

RESULT: Fail! :)

We are good at this? I don't know how I burned them while I was sitting there watching them. Well I was watching a video on YouTube and I guess maybe I was wrapped up in that. Haha. :)

Also I didn't use 2 cups of pecans with this sugar/water batch and as you can see there was a lot more "brittle" (hardened sugar/water mixture vs. pecans), so if you use less then the ratio above you get more of a "brittle" rather than candied pecans.

For another recipe with pecans, check out my Bacon Pecan Sticky Bun / Cinnamon Roll.


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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