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Can I Make "Buffalo Chicken Pizza"?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I found this recipe on Twitter from 24bite.com and it looked really good!

Also, I have been living the #stayhome #quarantinelife and I had all the ingredients in my place and it doesn't even use that many ingredients -- only 6! :)


Attempt #1:

What I used:

- Pillsbury pizza dough

- Cream cheese

- Garlic Powder

- Shredded chicken

- Mozzarella cheese

- Buffalo sauce

On his site, they have a pizza dough recipe that they like to use, but also say that you can use pre-made dough. I have been #quarantinebaking so much that I don't have that much flour left. Haha! :) And I wanted a quick fix, so I decided to use pre-made pizza crust.

The first step is you soften cream cheese on the stove and add garlic powder. This is the pizza sauce.

Then I assembled the pizza -- adding the cream cheese sauce, chicken, buffalo sauce, cheese -- and baked it.

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! How good does that look? It was really tasty and easy! Check it out!

I liked the trick for the cream cheese pizza sauce. I had never softened cream cheese on the stove. This was a cool trick that I have used when coming up with my own recipes now too.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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