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Can I Make "Brussel Sprout & Bacon Pot Stickers"?

This is #4 of 4 in the "Brussel Sprouts - 4 Ways!" series. This one is also from 'Girl Meets Farm' from the Food Network. It's a fun take on traditional Egg Rolls or dumplings. While brussel sprouts may seem to be an unusual filling, a lot of egg roll recipes have cabbage in them, so this is just a little twist. :)

#1 Brussel Sprout Latkes

#2 Easy Roasted Brussel Sprout Leaves

#3 Roasted Brussel Sprouts in a Muffin Pan

#4 Bacon Brussel Sprout Pot Stickers



Attempt #1:

Now that I'm looking at the recipe again and writing this. Her recipe was more of an inspiration for the filling, which I wouldn't have thought of. :) I made more crab rangoon/fried wontons rather than pot stickers (which you sear the bottom, then add a little water to steam the top). Also I did not fold them in traditional pot sticker (sort of crescent shaped) shape because for all the dumplings I've been making, I'm not great at folding dumplings especially into the traditional pot sticker shape. I am best at rolling them into rose-shaped dumplings (link). Haha! :) It doesn't matter, they still taste good.


Here is her recipe:

Bacon Brussels Sprout Potstickers with Molly Yeh



What I used:


- Brussel Sprouts (cut-up) w/ salt & pepper

- Bacon (crumbled)

- I cooked my bacon (minus the brown sugar though that would taste good here) in the oven on a grate, which is easy & minimizes fat because it drips out like I wrote in my "Easy 2-Ingredient Candied Bacon" post


- Egg roll or dumpling wrappers

- They only had egg roll wrappers in the store. I just cut them into 1/4 pieces to make 4 dumplings per egg roll wrapper.

I just put the brussel sprout / bacon filling into a dumpling wrapper. When you are making dumplings, you don't want to over-fill them. Put a little less than you think should be in there. Making dumplings is easier and takes less time than you think. It is fun & kind of therapeutic to make them if you're not too hard on yourself about how the shape comes out. :)

I fried them in some oil. I was going to fry a different recipe right after in this oil set up (Fried Mozzarella Pizza Bomb from Twisted, stay tuned for that post!) [Planning my cooking to be efficient & minimize dish washing. :) ] That's why I made fried wontons instead of pot stickers this time.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! They are really good. And you don't even know you are eating vegetables. :) If you wanted to make a vegetarian or kosher version, you could leave out the bacon and maybe add some carrots.

She serves them with a maple balsamic glaze. I just squirted some bottled balsamic glaze to go with them. The balsamic glaze is a good combo with the dumplings.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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