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Can I Make "Baked Eggs w/ Canadian Bacon [Ham], Spinach and Aged Cheddar"?

This recipe on the Food Network for Baked Eggs looked good and easy to make, so I decided to try it!


What I used:

- Egg

- Spinach (I had leftover that was already cooked)

- Ham (instead of canadian bacon)

- Cheddar (I shredded some from this huge block :) )

- Some plain bread I made (instead of sourdough. I haven't made any sourdough yet. :) )

I just made a small portion for myself. I put the ham in the bottom of the ramekin. Then I added spinach and egg and baked it.

I also toasted the bread with some cheddar.

Ta da! Baked egg! I love baked eggs! So tasty! They look fancy, but they're easy to make and there are so many different variations!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

For some other baked egg ideas, check out:

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