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Can I Make "Artichoke Salami Stromboli"?

Sept. 7 is Salami Day! This Artichoke Salami Stromboli from the Food Network app looked like a fun way to eat salami! I decided to make a mini one!


I loved salami growing up, but I haven't had it in awhile. :)

Salami Day


What I used:

- Pillsbury Pizza Dough (about 1/6 of canister)

- Gallo Salami

- Artichokes (actually only 2 artichoke hearts for this mini

- Frozen spinach (a little bit)

- ~1/2 oz. of mozzarella

- Shredded parmesan

I usually only use a fraction of a canister of pizza dough since I typically make small portions for myself. Usually I just tear it off because it doesn't matter -- and when I make pizzas/flatbreads, it actually looks fancier and more handmade when you tear it off instead of cutting it precisely! Haha! :)

But here since I was making a stromboli where I needed to fold it over and have 2 halves that matched, I used a knife to cut off a rectangular piece of dough -- ~1/6 of a canister.

The artichokes come in a jar with liquid. I dried them off with a paper towel before putting them in the stromboli so things wouldn't get soggy. I cut the artichokes into smaller pieces.

Since it was a small skinny stromboli, I cut the salami into thinner slices. The string cheese was the perfect shape this time. Haha. :)

I put the cheese down, some spinach, artichoke pieces, salami, and some shredded parmesan and covered it with the other half.

As I mentioned in my frozen spinach post, there is some moisture that comes with heating up frozen spinach. I find when you are using a small amount like this or if there's cheese or a sauce than the moisture from the spinach doesn't matter or make things soggy.


Then I cut 3 slits on top.

Then I moved it to the tray for the oven and added a little shredded parmesan. I should have just assembled it on the tray I was going to put in the oven, but it made the transition from this plate to the tray all in one piece! Haha! :) Worst comes to worst, if it fell apart, it would have just been an ugly, but tasty stromboli. Haha! :)

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! Tasty! I l wouldn't have thought to put salami and artichokes together and it was really good! If you don't feel like making a stromboli, you could use the same ingredients and make a pizza, I'll do that some time. I do like the strombolis in that it's like a handpie / calzone, but you get a sneak peak! :)

Check out the close-up below!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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