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Can I Make a "Pusheen the Cat Cake"?

This is my attempt at making a Pusheen Cake from the Lovely Baker's YouTube channel. I didn't even know who Pusheen was until I was looking up things on YouTube for "Answer Your Cat's Questions" Day and there were several videos making Pusheen cakes and desserts. She looked super cute.

Pusheen is a very famous cat! She was a cartoon started in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff's website, Everyday Cute. Now her FB page has >9.2 million pages as well as millions of fans on IG, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Like Hello Kitty!, Pusheen is an enterprise with merchandise, fan fiction and even blogs dedicated to her. I subscribed to the Pusheen YouTube channel after making this cake. Haha. :)



What is "Answer Your Cat's Questions" Day?

Wellcat.com has created and copyrighted 80+ weird & wacky holidays including "Answer Your Cat's Questions" Day! According to the website, "If you will stop what you are doing and take a look at your cat, you will observe that the cat is looking at you with a serious question. Meditate upon it, then answer the question!" Haha. :)


Attempt #1:

I knew from the start that there was no way that my cake was going to come out as good as the Lovely Baker's. Haha. :) But I still wanted to try.

She made a bigger cake with multiple stacked whole cakes. I just planned to use some of the cake I had made for the American Flag cake I made, so it was going to be a smaller version of Pusheen. [This is an example of planning ahead to be the most efficient with your time, resources, projects/posts. Since I already had made a cake and I had planned some posts I was going to do, then I used the cake I had made for Pusheen instead of baking another cake. :) ]


I made my own marshmallow fondant. To find out more about, easy 2-minute 3-ingredient marshmallow fondant, check out:


My cakes were a little unstable for construction, so I had to patch them up and plug in some holes with some fondant. Since the Lovely Baker used whole cakes, she didn’t have any stability issues in her structure.

She used a cake ball mixture to form Pusheen’s ears. The way that my cake was formed already kind of looked like ears, so I didn’t add to it.

Then, I covered the cake with grey fondant and I added some black fondant for the facial features.

My cake was smaller, so instead of making a tiny donut, I decided to have Pusheen holding a Life Saver.

RESULT: Success < Fail.

We are good at this. < We are good at this? This is Pusheen after a rough night out. Haha! 😊 She is rough-looking, but still kinda cute. It was fun to work on learning about cake construction and working with fondant.

Give it a try! You’re probably better at it than me. Haha. 😊 We are good at this!

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