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Can I Make a "Polar Bear Cake Pop"?

Here is a cute Polar Bear cake pop I saw on Yawning Hippo ! YouTube Channel that I decided to make for Polar Bear Day (Feb. 27!).

Some fun facts about polar bears:

"1. Polar bears are the largest bear species in the world, growing to a maximum length of 8.5 feet (260 cm) and weight of 1,543 pounds (700 kg), with males growing about twice as large as females.

2. Polar bears give birth to one to three cubs at a time, but most often birth twins that weigh only 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg).

3. Polar bears have black skin that’s covered in two layers of fur. The hollow, outer fur layer is nearly 6 inches (15 cm) long and reflects light, which is why it looks white.

4. Pregnant polar bears build dens where they give birth and care for their young cubs for the first few months of their lives. The mother does not feed during this time and can go up to 8 months without food – the longest deprivation time of any mammal.

5. Polar bears are the most carnivorous species of bear, feeding primarily on ringed and bearded seals."


Attempt #1:

I wrapped a cake ball in marshmallow fondant that I made. I added some details for ears and part of the nose in white fondant and for the eyes and nose, I added some black fondant.

See link for easy marshmallow fondant recipe (3-ingredients & 2 min.!):


We are good at this! They are easy and cute to make. It would be good for any arctic or just a zoo or nature-themed party. :)

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