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Can I Make a mini-"Pink Bubble Wrap Cake"?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I thought this British Girl Bakes YouTube video "Pink Bubble Wrap Cake" was so cool that I was inspired to make a mini-version. :) There are 2 parts where you use bubble wrap!

Attempt #1:

The 2 ways in which bubble wrap are used:

- for the "shards" decorations on top: made of chocolate/candy melts

- on the cake: for a textured pattern on the cake**

** She uses buttercream and then you wrap the cake in bubble wrap to get a textured pattern on the cake. I didn't feel like making buttercream -- partly because my cake was so mini-, but mostly because I didn't feel like it. Haha. :)

Instead, I just put melted chocolate on it.

What I used:

- Cake

(I made one, but you could buy a cake or a cupcake.)

- White chocolate melting wafers

- Food coloring

Supplies/equipment: envelope w/ bubble wrap inside it and soft plastic bubbl ewrap packaging, plastic bags for melting the chocolate, bamboo skewers (to spread the chocolate around), butterknife.

-- If you only have an envelope with bubblewrap, this will probably work, it may not conform to the curves of the cake as well as soft plastic bubble wrap packaging.

I melted white chocolate wafers in the plastic bag on defrost setting in 30-second and 15-second intervals. After they were melted, I added some red food coloring and mixed it together in the bag.

Tip: "Crumb coat" of melted chocolate (first layer of chocolate)

I knew I wanted to imprint the bubble wrap onto the chocolate, but I didn't think the first layer was going to be consistent enough to get a good imprint. I took the first batch of melted pink chocolate and "piped" it and spread all over the mini-cake to form a "crumb coat". This provided a base.

For imprinting of the bubble wrap, I put a 2nd layer of melted chocolate on top. Then, I pressed the bubble wrap on to the cake. I pressed it onto the whole cake since it was a small cake. :) Then, I put it into the fridge to let it set & harden.

For the chocolate shards,

I melted white chocolate, colored it pink and piped it onto the piece of the envelope with bubble wrap on it. I used a bamboo skewer to form a shape.

For an additional swirl effect, I added pink food coloring to the pink chocolate I had already colored & used a bamboo skewer.

Swirl effect! I put it in the fridge to set & harden.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! I think my mini-Pink Bubble Wrap Cake looks so good. Having the pink chocolate bubblewrap texture over the whole cake looks cool -- like the surface of the planet. :) I'm going to use that again in a different project.

After both pieces set, I carefully removed the bubble wrap. To make the shards, I just broke the chocolate into a few pieces. To put the shards into the cake, I used a butterknife to cut some slits into the cake. (See below).

It's really fun! Don't throw out your packaging! Recycle it and make some art that you can eat!

Give it a try! We are good at this! :)

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