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Can I Make a mini-"Igloo Cake"?

A flurry of holiday-themed posts to inspire your creativity. I saw this "Igloo Cake" covered in mini-marshmallows in a compilation video on YouTube. It was so cute; I wanted to try it out! I couldn't find the compilation video and when I searched it on YouTube, I found it in 2 places. I'm not sure who made it and both of these YouTube channels have cool videos (& I'm going to try some of their other videos also), so I put them both here. :)

Another reason I wanted to do the art project was because I have a lot of mini-marshmallows (big enough for a pillow :) ), which I have been using in different art projects (links).



Wednesday, December 4, 2019, Attempt #1:

In the video, they make a big igloo and use 2 cake mix boxes and make their own buttercream. I knew I wanted to make a mini-igloo. I had some leftover cake from a different project, so I used this plus I made 1/2 cake mix box to make the dome of the igloo. They also used a cake donut for the igloo door; I just used some pieces of leftover cake and sculpted them into a door.

In the video, they make a hole in the cake and fill it with chocolate ganache and they show an awesome ganache spill when they cut open the cake! I didn't do the ganache part because I knew I wanted to display the cake. I'm still working on learning about how to make ganache.

What I used:

- Leftover cake

- 1/2 cake mix box

- White Pillsbury frosting

- A little chocolate frosting (igloo door)

- 127(!) mini-marshmallows

- Cooking spray

I sprayed the bowl with cooking spray and prepared the cake mix according to instructions on the box -- divided by 2 since it was half the cake mix box.

Note: When I was making the 1/2 cake mix box, I purposely hand-mixed the batter (instead of using an electric mixer) because I didn't want the cake to rise too much or get too fluffy and spill out of the bowl. There is a difference when you hand-mix batter (vs. using an electric mixer) and you can use these different techniques to your advantage when cooking or sculpting cakes. :)

I cut off the top of the cake to make it flat. I added some frosting to the leftover cake and then flipped the igloo dome cake onto it.

I cut off the excess cake from the bottom leftover cake. I used some of these pieces to sculpt the igloo door. I put white frosting on the whole cake. I added a little chocolate frosting for the igloo door and covered it with mini-marshmallows. 127 total!

RESULT: Success!

We are good at this! How cute is it? I also added a little candy cane "flag" in the display at the North Pole. I used the same technique as I used for sticking the Marshmallow Christmas tree stem in the flower pot. I put the directions below.

It's not that hard to do. Another temporary art installation. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Adding "Candy Cane" Flag

- Edible ice cube chocolate cup or another cup

- Cake (I just used some leftover cake)

- Frosting

- Optional: Shredded coconut (for snow)

For instructions on how to make an Edible ice cube chocolate cup, see the following post:


Mix cake crumbles and frosting to make potting soil as noted in the "Marshmallow Christmas trees" post. You are making a moist cake pop mixture. You fill the edible chocolate cup with the soil and heap the cake pop mixture onto the center of the cup around the candy cane for support. More details are in the post below.


Optional: Add some shredded coconut to look like snow.

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