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Can I Make a "Loaded Scalloped Potato Dome?"

This "Loaded Scalloped Potato Dome" on a Tasty YouTube video looked epic, so I wanted to try to make a mini- and easier version. Potato Dome is just fun to say, you know? :)

Thursday, November 21, 2019, Attempt #1:

In the video, they make scalloped potatoes with red potatoes and a cream sauce for the outside of the potato dome and they use gold potatoes for the layers inside the potato dome. I had forgotten this when I went to the store and I just used 1 Russet potato for my potato dome (outside and inside).

I also didn't want to actually make scalloped potatoes or use that much heavy cream, so I didn't use that in constructing my dome or on top.

What I used:

- 1 Russet potato

- Fully Cooked bacon and some bacon I cooked

- Kosher Cheddar slices

- Butter to line the oven-safe bowl for baking

- Newman's Own Alfredo sauce (to top it off at the end)

It's pretty easy to make. You layer potato, bacon and cheese in an oven-safe bowl and then bake it and flip it.

I cut the potato in lots of small slices using the mandoline -- while wearing gloves; you should probably wear gloves too when using a mandoline. :)

I put butter on the entire bowl so that the potato dome wouldn't stick. I suppose you could spray it with cooking spray, but it's a really small amount of butter.

While I was cutting the potato, etc., I also cooked some bacon in the oven as I have described before (see link). Cooking bacon on a grate over a pan in the oven really helps a lot of the fat drip out -- making bacon slightly more healthy. (I didn't put any brown sugar here; just bacon.)


First, I layered some potato along the bowl to form the outer layer. Then, I put some cheese down, a layer of potatoes, a layer of bacon and repeat that.

In the video, they put a layer of puff pastry on at the end. I didn't do this.

I baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 min. Mine was smaller than the one in the video and the potato slices were quite thin. I also broiled it on high for a few minutes.

RESULT: Success / Fail. :)

We are good at this? / We are good at this. It tasted good. It's not the prettiest thing I've ever made. Haha. :) See photos below.

The dome kind of collapsed a little bit. I think this happened because the potato slices were so thin. I just saw on the mandoline that there is a way to change the thickness of the slices, so next time I try it, I will make the potato slices thicker. Also, I think the type of potato matters may matter when you are constructing a potato dome. The red potatoes may be more malleable to form the round outer layer of the dome and the gold potatoes may be more sturdy to help keep the shape of the dome. I will use those potatoes when I try it again. The heavy cream used in the video may also help keep the potato dome shape together.

I ate it with a little Newman's Own Alfredo sauce instead of making a heavy cream sauce. This epic dish the way I made it (with no heavy cream etc.) is not as gluttonous as you think. To make this big thing, I only used 1 Russet potato and about 6 pieces of bacon total and 4 pieces of cheese. I guess this whole thing probably has about max - 700 or 750 calories. It was so big I ate it over 4 or 5 meals.

Give it a try! It's fun!

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