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Can I Make a "Juicy Lucy" (Cheeseburger w/ the Cheese on the Inside)?

Juicy Lucies (Is that the plural? Haha. :) ) are cheeseburgers w/ cheese melted on the inside(!)

of the burger, so when you bite into the burger, you get the melt-y cheese. I was introduced to them when visiting one of my family members in Minneapolis. Yum!

I had some ground beef around and cheddar cheese, so I thought I would try to make one at home.

Photo from the Explore Minnesota website, The Nook, St. Paul:


I looked up some recipes like this one from the Food Network.


Friday, November 8, 2019, Attempt #1:

The basic steps are: you take some ground beef, push an indentation in the middle, fill it with cheese and then roll back into a ball/patty to cover up the cheese.

Usually, they put in a cube of cheese or slice of cheese in the middle.

I had some shredded cheddar around, so I tried that.

RESULT: Fail! :)

We are good at this? When I cut into it, I didn't see much or really any cheese. If you look closely at the picture on the right below, you can see a very tiny bit of cheese. I don't know where my cheese went. I think the little pieces of shredded cheddar seeped out during cooking. :)

I do think the size of the cheddar/cheese in the middle matters when you are making a Juicy Lucy. :)

I think the cheese in the middle needs to be bigger in size -- like a cube or slice, so it doesn't seep out and also so it melts at the right time according to when the meat is cooked.

I'll make this adjustment for my next attempt and update the post then, so you can see what happens. Give it a try!

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