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Can I Make a "Giant Chicken Carbonara Raviolo"?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I was watching this Twisted YouTube video on shredded chicken recipes and they made something that looked delicious and kind of ridiculous at the same time! :) It was a giant raviolo (giant ravioli) with egg yolk, bacon, chicken, and cheese inside (carbonara filling). I had to try to make it. I made a slightly mini-version of it, but still pretty giant.

I used Rotisserie chicken in mine and shredded it with my hands.

- See other ideas for rotisserie chicken here:


This Giant Chicken Carbonara Raviolo is a variation of Raviolo al' Uovo. So I also practiced learning how to making pasta dough and raviolo al' uovo before trying to make the Chicken Carbonara Raviolo. Check it out.



What I used:

Raviolo (Giant Ravioli)

- Homemade pasta dough for giant raviolo -- mine was ~6" in diameter

-- If you don't have time or don't want to make your own pasta dough, it may be possible to use pre-made lasagna sheets. I didn't try this. I would stack 2 on top of each other for the correct thickness of the pasta in order to cook both the pasta and yolk properly (described later). You would probably use 4 lasagna sheets (2 on each side of the raviolo).

Filling -- I only used about 1/2 or 2/3 for the 6" Raviolo

- ~ 3 oz. of rotisserie chicken

(no skin; shredded by hand into ~1/2" pieces or smaller)

- 3 Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon

- 1 mozzarella string cheese (28g or 1 oz. of mozzarella)

- 4 teaspoons (1 1/3 tablespoon) of shredded parmesan cheese

- 1.5 or 2 oz. of Philadelphia cream cheese

(in place of heavy cream)

- 1 egg yolk

(plus used a little egg white to help seal the raviolo)

To make the filling:

It was super fast -- maybe 5 minutes. Basically, I just microwaved things briefly and then mixed them together. I only used about 1/2 or 2/3 for the 6" Raviolo. (I ate the rest on its own. Tasty!)

I took the shredded chicken with the cream cheese and microwaved it for 45 sec. or 1 min. to soften the cream cheese and heat up the chicken some.

I used Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked bacon because I remembered they were thinner and crispy I thought that would work well as part of the filling. Also it saved a lot of time!

I mixed all this together (chicken, cream cheese, bacon), then I added the mozzarella and parmesan. I didn't microwave the mozzarella or parmesan because I thought the heat from cooking the pasta would melt it enough. I also snuck in some spinach into the mixture.

Putting It Together

I had made the pasta dough earlier in the day and rolled it until it was pretty thin (~2 mm or 1/8") as I had done in my previous raviolo. This raviolo was ~6" in diameter.

As I mentioned in my other post on raviolo al' uovo, you do not want the pasta dough to be too thick or else it will take too long to cook the pasta and then the yolk will be overcooked (and not nice and runny like it's supposed to be.) The fun part of raviolo al' uovo/chicken carbonara raviolo is that when you cut into it, the yolk runs out and that's the sauce for the dish.

Anyways, I placed the carbonara filling on 1 piece of the raviolo and then made a well with a hole in the middle. I placed the egg yolk in the middle. How pretty does that look?

Then I put some leftover egg white I had around the edges of the dough and placed the 2nd piece on top. I pressed and creased the edges to make sure that the raviolo stayed intact.

Like I did before, I gently slid the raviolo into the pot of boiling water with salt. It probably took 5-7 minutes to cook like my other raiviolo al 'uovo. This one was particularly hard to get out of the pot since it was so big compared to the pot size. I carefully used spoons and tongs and somehow got it out. :)

RESULT: Success! :)

Everything went well during preparation, but the moment of truth was whether or not the egg yolk would run when I cut into it. And it did! We are good at this!

Like before, I dressed it up with parmesan, spinach (as parsley), red pepper flakes and a little butter. It tasted really good too!

Making the filling was really fast (5-7 minutes). The part that takes awhile is making your own pasta dough, but you could try it with pre-made pasta sheets. I didn't try it, but that may work. Then it would only take 15 or 20 minutes total (prep time and cook time).

You could also just mix the filling with some pasta like fettucini -- aka fettucini carbonara. :)

However, making the giant chicken carbonara raviolo is super fun and it is gratifying when you see that yolk run! Also it's delicious. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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