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Can I Make a Cone of Bread Stuffed with Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese?

This cone of bread filled with bacon mac 'n' cheese in this Tastemade YouTube video looked ridiculous and delicious, so I thought I'd make a fast easy version. I just wanted to do the fun part of making the cone and eating out of a bread cone. :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Attempt #1:

They use homemade pizza dough, which I have made before (see link), but I just used Pillsbury pizza crust.


They also make homemade bacon mac & cheese. I just used mac 'n' cheese from the hot bar and some Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon.

I shaped the cone of bread around the foil and put it in the oven to bake upright.

RESULT: Success / Fail. :)

We are good at this? / We are good at this. It tasted good and was fun to make, but it did not turn out like a cone. It was more like a mis-shapen leaky bowl. Haha. :) More photos below.

I didn't fully re-watch the video when I was cooking. Haha. :) They wrap the dough around a foil bread cone, paint it with egg wash (I didn't use egg wash), and sprinkle sea salt on it, then they lay the cone down on its side to bake.

I didn't remember the part where they lay the cone down on its side, so when I went to put the cone in the oven I was trying to get it to stand upright while it was baking, so I smashed the foil between the 2 ramekins. If I had baked it with the bread laying on its side, then it may have turned out better. :) I actually did have the foil cone on its side when I was shaping it too. Haha. I'll try that next time.

Give it a try! It's a fun way to eat mac & cheese and if you get the bread into a cone form or a bowl that doesn't leak, then you can eat it on-the-go too. Haha. :)

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