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Can I Make a "Candy Cane-Shaped Pie"?

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I saw this Candy-Cane shaped pie on a Twisted YouTube video and it looked so festive, fun & easy that I had to try it. :)

Friday, December 20, 2019, Attempt #1:

In the video, they use puff pastry, I used pie crust. Basically you are just making a regular pie, but you are sculpting it into a festive shape.

You can use any filling you want, but if you use a red filling (e.g. cranberries, cherries, strawberries or raspberries, etc.) then it will look more like a candy cane -- with the crust being the white part and the red filling.

Note: I decided to make a fresh cranberry filling. I knew the amount of filling needed for this pie would be less than the 10 oz. cranberry mixture I was making. I planned to use cranberries because I could use the cranberry "filling" in multiple ways -- for cranberry sauce and also for this candy-cane shaped pie. Also on sandwiches (see link), etc. I have also made mini-Ice Cube tray pies with cranberry sauce.



What I used:

- Pillsbury Pie crust

(1/3 or 1/2 of 1 piece for this size candy cane)

- Fresh cranberries (10 oz. - the amount in the bag)

- Sugar (1/2 cup)

- Water (~1/2 cup)

- Optional: Egg for egg wash (I forgot to do this, haha. )

For the filling, I just put a bag of cranberries in a pot, with 1/2 cup of sugar, and ~1/2 cup of water on low to low-medium on the stove. I just let it sit there for 30 min. or so while I did other stuff; I stirred it occasionally. These photos show the filling at the start. It's easy. I just put it in a pot. It cooked down a lot more and looked like cranberry sauce or filling as you will see in the pictures below.

To sculpt the candy cane,

- You cut a piece of pie crust/puff pastry dough, so it is a rectangular shape, but with 1 side that that is jagged or has "teeth". I just used a butterknife.

- You put your filling on the dough.

- You fold over the "teeth", which forms the white stripes on the candy cane. The red filling shows through and is the red part of the candy cane. :)

- Then you carefully, curve the top part of the candy cane.

I forgot to brush an egg wash on top, but you could do that at this point.

Then bake it in the oven. This fairly small pie took around 12 or 13 minutes at 400 degrees.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! How cute is that? It only took a few seconds to sculpt the pie into this fun, festive shape.

This whole pie with fresh cranberries only probably has about 300-325 calories or so as I cooked it and it only took 3 ingredients (cranberries, sugar and pie crust) or 4 ingredients (if you count water).

It's really easy. Even with the added step of making the fresh cranberry sauce (which is super easy), it took me about 45-60 min.

To make it even faster, I think there are cans of pie filling you can buy or you could even just put some cranberry jam/preserves or strawberry jam and use it as filling. This would probably only take 15 or 20 min.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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