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Can I Cook Seared Scallops?

I was always afraid to try to cook scallops because I thought I would mess them up. Haha. :) I always loved eating them! :) "Sam the Cooking Guy" on YouTube came to the rescue with some really good tips!

Attempt #1:

A few things I learned from "Sam the Cooking Guy":

1.) Scallops should be room temp (not cold).

2.) Your pan should be really hot.

3.) You need to use a mix of butter & olive oil.

4.) You cook them for a very short amount of time (max. 60-90 seconds on each side).

What I used:

- Scallops

- Butter

- Olive Oil

- Salt & Pepper

(That's it!)

I got the pan really hot and added butter & olive oil. I placed the scallops in the pan. I actually set my phone timer to 1 min. 15 sec. and then flipped them soon after that so I wouldn't over cook them.

Here they are after flipping. So far, so good. You cook them a little less on the second side, so it was around 1 min. or.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! They tasted really good! It was a pretty good sear on th eoutside, not perfect, but like I said, they tasted really good and I no longer have a fear of cooking scallops thanks to "Sam the Cooking Guy". :)

Cooking scallops is really fast & pretty easy actually. I like to eat high protein (but also some carbs too, haha :) ) and I didn't realize how high protein scallops are. I've been eating shrimp more because they are high protein (see post for "Shrimp" Gallery different ideas). I'm going to sneak this scallop photo onto the shrimp gallery post; they're sort of related. Haha. :)


Scallops are more expensive than shrimp, but not that bad and it's much less than it costs to order it in a restaurant. 3 oz. of scallops has 17-20 grams of protein! A lot of protein bang for your buck.


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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