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Cake w/ Corn Syrup: No Eggs? No Problem! (Tip: Substitute Corn Syrup for Eggs)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

After I successfully experimented with substituting corn syrup for eggs in pancakes, I decided to try it with baking a cake! Well actually cupcakes.

Here is the link for pancakes! Actually for pancake cereal. You can make regular-sized pancakes. Haha! :)


What I used:

- Cake mix

- Corn syrup

- Oil

- Water

Tip: You just replace 1 tablespoon of corn syrup for each egg. Keep all other ingredients the same. The bake times seem to be the same too.

** Check out the YouTube video too!


I just made 1/3 of this box, which would be 1 egg, so I put 1 tablespoon of corn syrup into replace the egg. I mixed it as I normally would.

This is after about 20 min. in the oven. They are rising!

I baked them for about 25 minutes, same bake time as with eggs. They taste good! Pretty much the same taste and texture as with eggs.

They taste even more the same to traditional than replacing oil with applesauce. Check out that post! That tastes good too and minus ~1,000 calories.


If you are wondering, 1 tablespoon of corn syrup has about the same or less calories as an egg, no cholesterol, but on the other hand, it has no protein. Pluses and minuses with everything. :)

I'm going to experiment and see how it works with other baking recipes. :) Stay tuned!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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