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Bunny Rabbit Cupcake / Bunny Rabbit Day

I liked the creative use of cupcake liners for ears on these cupcakes & cookies from handmadecharlotte.com on Pinterest. So cute! :)

I made them for Bunny / Rabbit Day, but she made them for Easter crafts. You could make them anytime a year. :) I also tried a cookie; hers are super cute! Mine looks like a demented mouse (haha! :) ) It's at the bottom of the post.



Bunny / Rabbit Day

The fourth Saturday in September is Bunny / Rabbit Day! That's Sept. 26 this year.


We never had a pet rabbit at home. We may have had one in a classroom growing up, but I do remember one year there were baby bunnies living under our deck! My brothers and I would check on them. So cute!

What I used:

- Cupcake

- Vanilla frosting

- White nonpareil sprinkles for texture

- Mini chip for eyes

- Pink starburst (part of one for the nose).

- Cupcake liner (for ears)

- Scissors

Note: She had cute black and pink sprinkles for her face

To make the nose, I cut off a small triangular piece of a pink Starburst and kind of molded it a little bit too.

I cut 2 ears from a cupcake liner.

Then I frosted the cupcake and added white nonpareil sprinkles for texture. I started with normal-sized M&Ms as eyes, but it looked weird, like the bunny had dark circles for eyes out of proportion to its face (haha!), so I switched to mini chips.

It's cute how one ear kind of curled because of the curves in the cupcake liner! As I mentioned, I also made a cookie. In this case, I tried to paint on the nose and eyes, but I think the sprinkles she used really make the face on the cookie rabbit look cute. :) Mine is kind of a demented mouse as I mentioned. Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Bunny / Demented Mouse

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