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Bumpy Road Fook-a-Licious! (Rocky Road Fudge + Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar!)

This is something from fookie.net that I saw on Carnival Eats that looked really tasty! Carnival Eats is a cooking show where they go to different carnivals (as you might guess, haha! :)) and fairs and feature different foods that the concessionaires or food trucks make!

Most of the time I can't try or order them because they are on the move, but this one I could!

It was the Bumpy Road Food-A-Licious -- which is Rocky Road Fudge + Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar all in one!


As you can see Rocky Road Fuge is chocolate fudge with marshmallows plus there's a chocolate chip cookie bar. It was really GOOD! :) This is the smaller half-pound size.

They have lots of different flavors and combinations on the website! It's tasty for yourself and it would make a tasty gift too!

See some more pics below!

As I mentioned above, usually I can't try what is made in Carnival Eats because the people are on the move, but I did make an Iowan pizza inspired by fehrenheit.com. Check out that post!


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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