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Bulgogi Gyro

Here, I reinvented leftover Bulgogi beef with some international fusion.

This idea came out of what was at the store. There is a market nearby called Pipkin's. I had planned to get a baguette to make a twist on Philly Cheesesteaks with leftover Bulgogi beef, but people like their fresh bread and they were out. Instead, I got pita bread and decided to make a Bulgogi gyro.

Gyros usually have shaved meat inside, so I thought it would be a nice twist.

What I used:

- Kontos Pita

- Leftover KBBQ Bulgogi Bulgogi Beef

- Fage Greek yogurt (as Tzatziki sauce; didn't have cucumbers)

You could also add picked vegetables if you have those.

I toasted the pita in the toaster. You could also microwave.

I microwaved the leftover beef for ~2 min.

Then I added it to the warm pita. Then, I put some Greek Yogurt on top for a refreshing cool component.

That's it! It only took 5-10 min. to make. It's really good.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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