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Breakfast Pretzel Dish

This dish is a deconstructed breakfast sandwich on pretzel bread, but I had pretzel bites. Bringing pretzel bites to breakfast! And if you have a fried egg on your sandwich this is actually a neater way to eat it, so it won't spill on you.

What I used:

- Pretzel Baron pretzel bites (torn up)

- Deli turkey breast

- Sargento Mexican shredded cheese

- Egg

** You can use what you like for the breakfast sandwiches. I would love to see different variations!

I toasted the torn up pretzel bites in toaster oven. Then I started a fried egg. Once the pretzel bites were crunchy, I added some torn up deli turkey and shredded cheese on top. Then, I put it in the microwave for 35 sec. to warm up the turkey and melt the cheese.

Then I added the fried egg on top!

So tasty! Lots of different textures from the toasted pretzel bites and they soak up some of the yolk!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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