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Bratwust Apple Raisin Pretzel Stuffing

This is both a German spin on stuffing and a different way to eat a bratwurst! :) It's an ode to Oktoberfest, which is canceled this year. I would like to go to Oktoberfest sometime, maybe next year! :)

I made a small version for myself, but you could multiply it to make a bigger one for multiple people.

As I mentioned, it's also a different way to eat a bratwurst. Here are some German Dumplings (Serviettenknödel) from pretzel bread I made too.



What I used:

- Pretzel hot dog bun (you could use a hamburger bun; you are just making small pieces. I bought this or you could make your own)

- Johnsonville Bratwurst

- Apple chunks

- Raisins

- Onions (I had batch cooked before) - chicken ramen seasoning + water (like Chicken Stock)


I added some chicken stock (chicken ramen seasoning+water) in the bottom of the dish for some moisture.

I tore the hot dog bun and made the bratwurst into chunks. I spread the onions around (they were frozen; I didn't defrost them). Then I added some apple chunks and raisins.

Then I baked it at 300 degrees or so for 10 minutes until the bratwurst was cooked. Also the top of the bread became toasty!

It's a really tasty way to eat a bratwurst or a German spin on stuffing you can try!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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