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Bowling Day - White Chocolate Fudge Pins and Choco Coconut Bowling Ball

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

For Bowling Day, I knew I wanted to make a Choco Coconut Bowling Ball, but what could I make use to make bowling pins? I thought I could make white chocolate fudge. I found this easy recipe from ourthriftyideas.com on Pinterest, which looked good! It's even made in the microwave!



Bowling Day

This year, Aug. 8 is Bowling Day! It's on the 2nd Saturday in August. I like bowling and being in bowling alleys even if I'm bad at it now. Haha! I was better at it growing up. There was a bowling alley right around the corner from my house growing up. I could be better if I practice, but whatever it's still fun. It's not like I'm going to try out for the PBA or anything. Haha! :)


Choco Coconut Bowling Ball

I thought to make the bowling ball after making Coconut, Chocolate, Lime [Lemon] pie where the crust was made out of melted chocolate, shredded coconut and a little butter.

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I made it the same way as mini pie crusts with one little difference using a pastry tip and bamboo skewer / tooth pic when they were out of oven and still hot (before they set).

I melted chocolate and mixed in shredded coconut and 1 tablespoon butter. I baked them in cupcake cups sprayed with cooking spray like before.

When I took them out then I cut holes like a bowling pin using a metal pastry tip. Then to help form the hole, I used the toothpick to move around the shredded coconut.

Then I let it set for at least 15-30 min (the longer, the better) to let it set completely and harden.

Bowling Pins - White Chocolate Fudge

The ourthriftyideas.com recipe also has a little vanilla (but I didn't have any). I just used white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.



What I used:

- White chocolate (~8 oz.

- Sweetened condensed milk (~3.5 or 4 oz.)

- Red gel icing (stripes)

- Cardboard (for bowling pin stencil)

- Two straws which were kind of like bumpers

- Butter knife to carve the pins

I didn't end up using the foil.


I just melted all the chocolate first in 30-second intervals on defrost setting. Then I mixed in the condensed milk and then it says to microwave it 30 seconds more.

I poured the fudge on a baking sheet with parchment paper that I sprayed with cooking spray. Pouring the fudge reminded me of how we used to go watch people make fudge downtown when I was little growing up. Haha! :)

I put it in the fridge to set. It says for it to set for 3 hours, but I knew I wanted to carve some bowling pins out of it, so I let it set for 20-30 min. It was solid, but soft and malleable.

Bowling Pin Stencil

I used a piece of cardboard and sketched out some bowling pins on it and then I cut out of the cardboard. I think you could also use parchment paper if you would like.

Carving out the Bowling Pins

I put these green silicone straws I have down on the top and bottom edges of the fudge and then I put the cardboard stencil on top. These silicone straws were a buffer, so the cardboard wasn't touching the fudge. The cardboard was sitting about ~1 cm above the fudge. I didn't want to press on the fudge because it was still soft.

I peeled back the other fudge to reveal the bowling pins! I added some red gel icing for the stripes. Then I put it back in the fridge to set.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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