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Bloody Heart Fudge

I made this inspired by World Heart Day! It's also Halloween-y! :) How creepy and awesome is this? It's also about the size of a real human heart, which makes it SUPER CREEPY! It's super easy to make -- 3 ingredients: chocolate, condensed milk and food coloring. The food coloring really looks like blood, doesn't it?

Sept. 29 is #WorldHeartDay!


I was inspired by a cake on YouTube from the ScranLine where he sculpted a heart out of modeling chocolate. I decided to use fudge I found from ourthrityideas.com that I used to make cute bowling pins.

Bowling Pins and Choco Coconut Bowling Ball


What I used:

- White Chocolate wafers

- Sweetened condensed milk

- Red liquid food coloring

I didn't measure like I should have. Haha! :) I just melted some white chocolate wafers and added some sweetened condensed milk. I mixed it together and then I put it in in the fridge for awhile. It wasn't setting completely, so then I put it in the freezer for an hour or so.

Since I didn't measure (I recommend you do that if you are making it for the first time, haha!), it was a little softer than I would have liked. I should have added more chocolate to make it firmer.

Then I molded it into a heart.

Then I added red food coloring! This is where it really came ALIVE...OR DEAD as the case maybe? Haha! :) With the nitrile glove and the red food coloring like blood, it really looks like I just harvested the heart. CREEPY! Haha! :)

I didn't really get into accurate heart anatomy when I was sculpting, but you could if you wanted to. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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