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Beef, Blue Cheese and Spinach w/ Balsamic Pizza / Pizza Day

Here is a twist for Pizza Day! This was inspired by a pizza I saw on the Food Network app from Bobby Flay. I love beef with blue cheese and so I thought it would taste good on a pizza too!


Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day!


What I used:

- Pillsbury pizza dough

- beef (I had made a batch of plain stewed beef in the Instant pot)

- Sour cream

- Frozen spinach

- blue cheese

- mozzarella (it happened to be string cheese)

- Balsamic Glaze

I baked the pizza dough plain for 6-8 min. Then I added sour cream for "sauce". I added the frozen spinach (as is - uncooked), beef, blue cheese, mozzarella on there. Then I baked it for about 6-8 min. longer for the cheese to melt and everything to warm up.

Then I added some balsamic glaze! Yum!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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