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Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

I found this quote in a photo on Unsplash.com and I thought it was inspiring. :)

I decided to use it to research flamingos and pigeons. :)

Some fun facts about flamingos:

My favorite: A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. Flamingos are flamboyant. How perfect! This link has some other fun names of bird groups.


  • "Flamingos are strong but rare swimmers and powerful fliers, even though they're most often seen just wading. Flamingos do fly very well, however, and many flamingos migrate or regularly fly between the best food sources and nesting grounds.

  • When flying in a flock, the top speed of a flamingo can be as high as 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour). They can seem ungainly or clumsy in flight, however, because their long necks stretch out in front of their bodies and their long legs dangle well past their short tails, giving them a wobbly or clumsy appearance."



Fun Facts about Pigeons:

  • Pigeons are incredibly complex and intelligent animals. They are one of only a small number of species to pass the ‘mirror test’ – a test of self recognition. They can also recognise each letter of the human alphabet, differentiate between photographs, and even distinguish different humans within a photograph.

  • Pigeons are renowned for their outstanding navigational abilities. They use a range of skills, such as using the sun as a guide and an internal ‘magnetic compass’. A study at Oxford University found that they will also use landmarks as signposts and will travel along man-made roads and motorways, even changing direction at junctions.


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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