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Bacon Cookies / Bacon Day!

Here's a fun idea I saw on Tastemade on YouTube, which I thought would be perfect for Bacon Day! Cookies made with bacon fat and with a little bacon -- next level!



Here's a recent post of Candied Bacon I made in the shape of a wreath or ring! Candied Bacon is probably my favorite way to eat bacon...what about you?

add link Bacon wreath

Here is the candied bacon post.


As you will see in the Candied Bacon post, I usually bake my bacon and the fat drips below. I usually discard the fat, but for the cookies I saved it and put it in the fridge. It's part of the fat in the cookie recipe with some butter.

It's basically a sugar cookie with some bacon fat and a little crispy bacon on top.

I didn't make the maple glaze.

Here they are! It's a sugar cookie with some bacon-y after taste.

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