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Baby Chick in an Egg - Easy & Fun Pop-up Drawing

I came up with this after trying out some drawing tutorials on Pinterest (like the Pandas in a Box card - link.) While it fits for Easter & spring time, it's fun any time of the year! :)

I put it on YouTube, so you can see it in action. :)


When it's closed, it looks like the egg is closed.

Then when you open it, it looks like the egg is cracked and you see a baby chick!

Pandas in a Box card



- Pencil

- Markers (Black, Yellow & Orange or whatever you choose)

- Paper

I sketched it out in pencil first. First, you make a pleat in the page as shown.

Draw the egg shape with the paper folded -- the whole egg.

When you open the pleat, draw a zig zag so it looks like a cracked egg. Then draw your chick in the egg and add anything else you want.

Ta da! Baby chicken in an egg pop-up drawing!

I mailed this to my baby nephew. Somehow they never got it. I took a video as I mentioned above and I can show him that way or I'll draw it again soon. :)

Update (3/23/20): He got it today! It was really bizarre. It got there after another drawing I sent him. Wonder where it was in the meantime? Anyways, it seems that this one is his favorite drawing that I did so far -- and it's the one I came up with myself! :)

When you try new things like I have with these different popup drawings (recipes and projects, etc.), then you can come up with your own fun ideas. :)


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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