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Awesome Melting Gelatin Snowflake

If you want to see a snowflake melt right before your very eyes, this is a really fun performance art / science project / pouring video -- you can do easily! I came up with it after having extra clear gelatin mixture when I was working on the Snow Globe cupcakes (Stay tuned!). I realized that this flower silicone mold I had (came in a pack when I was working on Galaxy Lollipops; still working on that. Stay tuned!) looked like parts of a snowflake.


I put this post under "Arts & Crafts" section and "Cooking" sections of the website, though it's more of an art / science project. Everything is edible, but there really isn't anything to eat afterwards because it's basically water with a little gelatin powder. Haha. :) Maybe it shouldn't even go under "Cooking".

What you need:

- Gelatin powder / gelatin sheets (I don't think it matters for this project)

- Water

- Flower Silicone Mold

- Plat

- Baking pan (or something to catch overflow of water)

- Pot

Steps / Instructions:

1.) Make a clear gelatin mixture (gelatin + powder). In this case, you want it to result in a thinner soft jiggly gelatin because the thinner it is, the faster it will melt. I wasn't paying attention too much; maybe about the ratio of 1 packet to 2 or 3 tablespoons of water.

2.) Pour the gelatin mixture into the mold -- including the parts outside of the flower; they are kind of like flower stems.

-- Haha, I did this on accident, but it worked well.

3.) Let it chill in the fridge for >1 hour or until it is set.

4.) Arrange 6 flowers+stems around 1 central flower to form the snowflake.

-- How pretty is that?

5.) Put the plate w/ snowflake in a baking pan.

6.) Boil some water.

-- You may be able to microwave water and have it be hot enough to melt the gelatin.

7.) Pour the boiling water over your gelatin snowflake and watch it melt away before your eyes! (See video below.)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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