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Asian Chicken Flatbread

Here is a quick idea for your rotisserie chicken!

What I used:

- Pita

- Mozzarella Cheese

- Rotisserie Chicken

- Hoisin Sauce

- Frozen spinach (microwave and thawed)

I batch cooked the chicken plain, so that I could use it for different recipes. I just sauteed the chicken in some oil.

Meanwhile, I added a piece of cheese onto the pita and toasted it.

I also microwaved some frozen spinach for 1 minute and then I pat it dry to get out the water, so it wouldn't be soggy on the pizza.

Once the pita was done, I put some Hoisin sauce on top the cheese pita.

Then I shred some chicken and added it on. I then add the frozen chicken and a little more sauce.

I'm not sure if anyone has ever mixed cheese with Hoisin sauce, but if you have a mild melt-y cheese, it's good!

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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