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#ArtCooking: Velazquez's Las Meninas & Gambas al Ajillo

For this month, I decided to study Velazquez's Las Meninas painting. Velazquez is a Spanish painter, so it inspired me to look up some tapas dishes. The one I chose is Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp & they also have a little heat). This is one of the dishes I used to order at a tapas restaurant called Barcelona, all the time over the years. Unfortunately, my friend told me they closed (pre-pandemic). Sad!

This is from norecipes.com I found on Pinterest.



You can use anything for inspiration in the kitchen! I could have just said I had shrimp in the freezer and that's why I decided to try it. Haha! :) I like to do this #ArtCooking series once per month because I learn a little bit more about both art & cooking. Haha! :)


Velazquez, Las Meninas

A couple links



This is one of most famous and interesting Baroque pieces. I think what is interesting is that it despite the formal nature of the subjects (Spanish royalty), it seems like a photograph of a candid split second. This was a century or more before the camera. There are many places to look. The first place you might look is at the little girl is Infanta Margarita; Isabel de Velasco. The King and Queen of Spain, Philip and Mariana are featured in the back, a reflection in the mirror. It is interesting that they are not the focus of the painting as Velazquez was the painter of the royal court.

Velazquez himself is on the left of the painting and it's the only self-portrait he made. :)

"Most experts seem to think that Velazquez was highlighting the difference between the illusion of art and the reality of life. "

What I used:

- Frozen shrimp

- Garlic

- Chili flakes

- Olive oil

Tip: When you use frozen shrimp or fresh shrimp, you want to make sure they are dry with a paper towel, so that they get a good sear on them.

I smashed and roughly chopped the garlic. In his post, he talked about how he's had it different ways. I smashed it to release the oils and then roughly chopped. I didn't finely chop it because I'm working on my knife skills, haha! I sauteed the garlic / burned it oops. Then I added the shrimp and chili flakes in.

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