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Art Cooking: Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson

This was another awesome interesting video from The Canvas YouTube channel on Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson. I made a little pizza forearm and hand inspired by it. :)

There is a very interesting analysis in the video.

It's fun anytime a year, but it does look kind of gnarly on purpose, so it' a good fit for Halloween! As you will see below, I kind of made the cheese in the shape of the tendons in the forearm, but I didn't get to into it the forearm or hand anatomy, but you can be much more detailed if you would like!

What I used:

- Pillsbury pizza dough Thin Crust

- Prego Tomato sauce

- Kroger Provolone cheese

I shaped the dough into a forearm and hand as seen below. The fingers got a little nubby. Haha! :No biggie! :)

Then I put some tomato sauce on thee and I tore the provolone into thin strips to resemble the forearm tendons. :) If you use string cheese, it may be even easier to make long strips of cheese, which resemble tendons.

Then I just baked it. :)

Here is a bigger picture before baking where you can see the tendons and also the finished product! It's just pizza! But it was fun to learn about Rembrandt's painting and review some anatomy, which I hadn't thought about in awhile. :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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