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Art Cooking: Paul Cezanne / Basket of Apples & Apple Monkey Bread

While this Cezanne painting (also below) seems like a simple still life, when I read more about it, it became more interesting to me. The painting has multiple perspectives and it was paintings like these that helped bridge the gap between Impressionism and Cubism. So it's not just a basket of apples. Haha! :) It is paintings like these that helped to create new artistic movements.


Very nice analysis here on smarthistory.com


Around the same time I came across this YouTube video on Monkey Bread from Tastemade and the Apple Monkey Bread looked tasty and fit well! I decided to make a small version for myself.

What I used:

- 3 biscuits (cut into chunks)

- Smucker's Sugar-free syrup

- 1/4 or 1/3 Apple (cut into small chunks)

- Cinnamon (not shown)

- Sugar (not shown)

Since I was making a small version for myself, then I just used this 4" springboard pan I had. You could use ramekin or other dish.

I cut the biscuits into chunks and covered them with cinnamon and sugar.

I cut part of an apple into chunks and then I mixed it in with the biscuit chunks. Then I baked it in the toaster oven.

When the little pieces of dough bake together then it becomes Monkey Bread / Pull-Apart Bread. That's just in general, not specific to this recipe. :)

For some other Monkey Bread / Pull-Apart Bread recipe ideas, check these out:

Pepperoni Monkey Bread, Monkey Bread Fondue, Everything Bagel Monkey Bread




After it came out of the oven, I sprinkled some syrup over it. That's it! Yum!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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