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Art Cooking - Frank O'Hara: Cheeseburger Patty Melt and Yogurt

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

For this AC post, I wrote about garlic yogurt (unexpected savory twist for yogurt) and an easy patty melt cheeseburger slider. This post was inspired by some of Frank O'Hara's poetry. :)

Here is more information about the Art Cooking series.


Yogurt comes up a lot in O'Hara's poems! :)

From nicksturm.com:

"I was also super stoked that yogurt shows up here, in “Song Heard Around St. Bridget’s,” because O'Hara has some great poems with yogurt in them and it’s important to keep track of those. “When you’re in love the whole world’s Polish / and your heart’s in a gold stripped frame / you only eat cabbage and yogurt / and when you sign you don’t sign your own name.” Yogurt actually comes up again in this poem but I’m not going to overdo it and quote more yogurt lines."


O'Hara eats a cheeseburger in his famous poem, "A Step Away from Them" :)

I stop for a cheeseburger at JULIET’S    CORNER.



Garlic Yogurt

Not the prettiest dish (haha!), but it's tasty and another idea for what to eat with yogurt. Usually I think of people eating fruit like blueberries or granola with yogurt. I had a huge container of yogurt and I decided to experiment and try it with garlic powder. It's tasty.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Mini Patty Melt Slider / Cheeseburger

Here, I just used 1 piece of bread, ~2 oz. of ground meat, Kraft American cheese. It's a quick snack or mini-melts. Patty melts fit well with diners that were mentioned in O'Hara's poem. I made a patty - just meat; no burger mix here. I browned one side of the patty. Then when I flipped it, I added the cheese and put the pan lid on it. I also toasted the bread a little bit in the pan. For more details, check out this post:


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