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Art Cooking: Eel Cookie / Judith Leyster

This is this month's Art Cooking piece. This creepy looking cookie was inspired by a Judith Leyster painting I learned about from this YouTube video I saw from the National Gallery (London) on "Eight female artists from Art History"

This painting was interesting to me because of the subject: 2 kids with a kitten and one kid is holding an eel!


More on Judith Leyster: who was a famous 17th century artist:

"Judith Jansdr. Leyster was born in Haarlem. At the outset of her career she was influenced by the Utrecht followers of Caravaggio, and this influence can be seen in, for example, half-length representations of happy musicians and drinkers against a neutral background, as well as in the use of a light and shade contrasts.

In about 1629 she was probably a pupil of Frans Hals, and witnessed the baptism of one of the master’s children in 1631. She was also influenced by Dirck Hals. By 1633 Leyster was a member of the Haarlem guild. In 1635 she had three pupils, which indicates that she was regarded as a famous artist. In 1636 she married the painter Jan Miense Molenaer (who was probably also a pupil of Frans Hals), and although she continued to paint after this date, few works of this period are known today. She was one of the few professional women painters of the Dutch Golden Age."


Btw eels are a part of the cuisine in the Netherlands, not a pet, so it's funny he is holding one, though there was a history of "Eel Grabbing" in Netherlands and even a riot over it.


The cookie was made with Easy Sugar cookie (link) plus some Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting and Gold Luster Dust.


Fun to learn about this artist and painting (which is not currently on display actually).

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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