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Art Cooking: Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

This was inspired by The Canvas YouTube video I saw recently, well I guess a book about the Blue Dog paintings by George Rodrigue (see screenshot of video). I had recognized the Blue Dog paintings from when I was little. I've always liked art, art history and going to museums, etc... But from reading this dailyartmagazine.com article, I probably recognize Blue Dog from Absolut Vodka ads. Haha! :)

George Rodrigue is an artist from Louisiana (1944-2013). "You may think – why a Blue Dog? Well, in 1980 Rodrigue was commissioned to illustrate a book of Louisiana ghost stories. The book was entitled Bayou and Rodrigue painted forty canvases in reference to the characters and places featured in the stories. In a tale called Slaughterhouse, the narrator tells about an evil dog guarding a house. Inspired by the loup-garou or the werewolf, the artist created the first Blue Dog from a photo of his deceased pet Tiffany, who however was white with black ears."

Rodrigue himself commented on a Blue Dog in an interview with The New York Times in 1998:

The yellow eyes are really the soul of the dog. He has this piercing stare. People say the dog keeps talking to them with the eyes, always saying something different. People who have seen a Blue Dog painting always remember it. They are really about life, about mankind searching for answers. The dog never changes position. He just stares at you. And you’re looking at him, looking for some answers, ‘Why are we here?,’ and he’s just looking back at you, wondering the same. The dog doesn’t know. You can see this longing in his eyes, this longing for love, answers.”

More at this link:


What I used:

- Sugar cookie (rectangle / square shaped; link)

- Non-Royal Icing (link)

- Blue gel food coloring

- Two yellow candy melts

- Black gel food coloring

- Toothpick (as a paintbrush)

To make the cookies, I just used the Easy Sugar Cookie and Non-Royal Icing I have used before.


I colored the icing blue with food coloring. I was happy it matched up with the painting well! I put the yellow eyes on there. Then I used a toothpick and black food coloring to paint in the pupils.

It was fun to do this and fun to learn more about Blue Dog and George Rodrigue!

Since George Rodrigue is from Louisiana, I also posted today about Cajun-inspired Fried Rice. Check out that post!

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Give it a try! We are good at this!

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