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Apple Strudel / Apple Strudel Day

Today is Apple Strudel Day! I decided to try a recipe from Cups and Chocolate!



National Apple Strudel Day is June 21, 2021.


What I used

- Thawed puff pastry (1 piece)

- 2 apple (cut into small pieces)

- Egg (for egg wash)

- Brown sugar

- Cinnamon

- Milk

I mixed together the filling in a bowl.

To make the braided look:

I laid the puff pastry flat and in my head, I visualized 3 thirds left-center - right. I put the apple mixture in the middle.

On the right and left panel, then I cut a slit every 1/2 or 1 cm at an angle towards the center piece.

After baking:

Rally flaky and yummy!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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