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American Baseball & Jersey Cookies

This is an easy little craft for when you're feeling creative any day that I found at the grocery store! I thought it fit well with 9/11.

What I used:

- Create-a-Treat Craft-a-cookie set

It has 4 cookies (2 baseballs and 2 jerseys), red, white and blue icing and star sprinkles.

Everything you need to do the fun part -- decorating!

It's great! You just take out everything and start decorating. You don't have to worry about not have any ingredients or supplies.

The only thing else I used outside of the box was a toothpick / bamboo stick to spread the icing. You could use a butterknife or something.

Here they are! Perfect for a little creative outlet and break. Also, I have some leftover sprinkles and icing now I can use for other crafts or projects.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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