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Alpaca / Llama Cakesicles ( / Alpaca Day)

These are based on "Llama Cakesicles" I saw on Pinterest from jumprope.com . I think alpacas are cuter (haha!) -- plus Sept. 10 is Alpaca Day!



Sept. 10 is Alpaca Day!


What I used:

- White chocolate cakesicles (see link below)

- White chocolate wafers or white candy melts (2 for decorating and melted some for glue)

- Fondant (tiny bit - some colored black for eyes and some colored pink)

- Pastry tip (as a little metal cookie cutter to cut out eyes and cheeks)

- white non pareil sprinkles for eyes and fur

- Black food coloring

- Paintbrush for edible art

- Edible marker (eyelashes)

I made cakesicles with white chocolate -- described in more detail in this post.


To make the ears I cut 1 candy melt / chocolate wafer in half.

I used some melted white chocolate and placed the two ears on top and placed the nose on the face. I also put extra white chocolate on the forehead and added little white non pareil sprinkles.

To make the eyes and cheeks, I colored white fondant black and pink respectively. I used a pastry tip as a little metal cookie cutter to cut out small circles.

I added 1 little nonpareil on each eye. I painted on the facial features with a paintbrush and black food coloring. I drew on the black eye lashes with an edible marker.

Here they are! So cute! Cute for Alpaca Day or Llama Day or any day! Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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