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Aloha Skewers: Pork Belly Meatballs and Pineapple

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

This was something fun that took 7-10 minutes to cook all of it and took me away to the islands, haha. :) That is one of the things that is fun about cooking, you can travel to Hawaii (as the case may be) or internationally right from your home. :)

Pork belly is like fancy bacon. When I saw there were pork belly meatballs on sale for cheap, then I had to try a few! They were Hawaiian-flavored, so I thought that pineapple would go well with them. I just grabbed some pineapple from the salad bar. I usually don't even eat pineapple or fruit, haha. I think it's the texture and crunch (that people like), which I don't like. Haha. :)

To caramelize and soften the pineapple, I sauteed the pineapple right with the meatballs. I've seen people grill pineapple to caramelize it on the Food Network, so I thought why not try to saute it? :)

This can be a nice snack or meal (depending on how many you make) for you on an everyday basis -- maybe on a bed of rice, but it could be a cute appetizer as you can see.

The meatball mixture was already done for me, but here is a recipe from Martha Stewart for Hawaiian meatballs (pork meatballs and pineapple) with the photo. Her photo is just a little bit better than mine. Haha. :)

If there isn't ground pork belly or ground pork or if you prefer it, you could try ground chicken.

Give it a try and take a trip to the islands! We are good at this!


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