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Alien in a Spaceship/UFO Cupcakes

This is an alien in a spaceship/UFO from yoyomax12 - the diet free zone YouTube channel that I made to celebrate Science Fiction Day, which is Jan. 2! It was so fun & creative and I got to make some gelatin bubbles too. :)

I learned how to make gelatin bubbles for Bubblepop Electric Cupcakes & Snowglobe cupcakes.



Science Fiction Day "celebrates science fiction writer Isaac Asimov's official birthday."


Attempt #1:

This is yoyomax12 - the diet free zone's version of the sweetestkitchen.com version (link).


I did mine a little bit differently. I used marshmallow fondant to sculpt my alien (she used a lollipop). I made gelatin bubbles for the glass windows of my spaceships/UFOs; she used a plastic shooter glass.

What I used:

- Cupcake

- White Frosting

- Green food coloring

- M&Ms (for lights / of spaceship/UFOs)

- Marshmallow Fondant (to sculpt alien)

- Black gel icing (for face)

I mixed the white frosting with green food coloring using a bamboo skewer, which has a little more surface area than a toothpick. I also used the bamboo skewer to frost the cupcakes, which saved me another knife from going in the dishwasher.

I sculpted green marshmallow fondant I made to form the alien. I'll detail how to make marshmallow fondant (it's really easy) in my "Can I Make Marshmallow Fondant?" post (Stay tuned!) I used black gel icing to make the face and I added the M&Ms around for the lights.

I made gelatin bubbles using clear gelatin, water, and a balloon for the glass windows of the spaceships/UFOs. See details on how to make gelatin bubbles in my Bubblepop Electric Cupcake and Snowglobe Cupcake posts (link)



RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! How cute are they? They look like they are going to fly off into outer space. :) I think the "glass windows" really make them look cute. My version is completely edible, but plain gelatin bubbles don't taste like anything. They taste like plastic, but they're edible. I've tried it. Haha. :)

Like the other Alien Cupcake I made, these Alien in a Spaceship/UFO cupcakes are good for Science Fiction Day :), birthdays, Halloween or other extra-terrestrial gatherings. :)


Give it a try. We are good at this!

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