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Abstract Bunny Painting (for Easter!)

I was inspired to do this painting by John Beckley on YouTube. He makes cool acrylic paintings and uses some cool techniques. What I like about his videos is that he also wants to inspire other people to try painting or other artistic endeavors too.

I wanted to try out this technique using tape to create negative spaces in the painting that he did.

Tape Technique:

You have your paper or canvas and you put tape down all over.

Then you paint over the whole painting.

Once the paint dries, when you remove the tape, then you get these areas where there is no paint.

What I used:

- 8.5" x 11" paper

- Tape

- Acrylic paint

- Paint brushes

I don't have big canvases. I just use normal 8.5" x 11" paper. I got these acrylic paint bottles (15 or 16 different colors) and brushes for pretty cheap.

I recycled some boxes to keep my floor from getting dirty and the plastic packaging to use as a palette.

Since I wanted to make a painting for Easter, I decided to do a Peeps bunny because it is a simple silhouette and recognizable. I just traced it from a photo on Google by placing the paper over my iPad. I did it pencil and then a Sharpie marker.

Then the fun part.

I put tape over it in a random way and then I painted it.

Mid-way painting and then when I finished painting. I picked pastel colors for Easter.

I waited for the paint to dry and then I removed the tape.

Here it is! The tape I used was kind of sticky and kind of tore off some of the paper, but it's fine. I learned to put it on more lightly or I might get some masking tape, which isn't as adhesive.

It doesn't take that long if you are looking for something creative to do and it's really fun.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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