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A TTTFN Christmas! (Tasty, Twisted, Tastemade, Food Network)

I actually ended up making 17(!) different things for a Christmas feast and many of them were either YouTube videos from Tasty, Twisted, Tastemade or from the Food Network or inspired by what I've learned from them. So it was a TTTFN Christmas!

Some of the highlights are below. :)

Stay tuned for these individual posts. :) We are good at this!


Cheesy Spinach Bacon Dip with Frico (Parmesan Crisps) from Tasty

- The entire appetizer is essentially Keto/No-Carb! :) I posted about frico/parmesan crisps before. See link.


Pesto Wreath Tart (mini-version) from Tastemade

Fried Mozzarella Pizza Bomb from Twisted

- Fried mozzarella ball stuffed with pepperoni, basil, and sundried tomatoes.

- Oops, it fell apart when I tried to flip it. Haha. :) Still taste good. I'll work on that.

- Do you see that cheese pull?

Brussel Sprouts Latkes from Girl Meets Farm on the Food Network

We also had some aloha skewers (pork belly and pineapple) for appetizers and also a candy-cane shaped cranberry pie that I posted about before . And lots of other stuff! Stay tuned! We are good at this! :)



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