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5-Minute Philly Cheesesteak Using Deli Roast Beef

The 5-minute time estimate is just for the filling of the sandwich (beef, cheese, and peppers/onions), not the bread (which I made). I decided to make this because of a challenge I made for myself to figure out different ways on how to use the bell peppers and onions I made the other day, so they wouldn't go bad.


I didn't have a hoagie and the bread I had at the time (brioche and wheat) didn't seem to fit a Philly Cheesesteak, so I just made some Pillsbury pizza crust and molded it into bread shape and put it in the oven for ~15 min. I actually just put the dough in while the oven was still pre-heating; I didn't even wait until the oven was at 425 degrees. It turned out fine.

Side Dish: "Creamed Spinach"

I added 1 tablespoon of Mission Cheddar Sauce / Dip to frozen spinach (microwaved them) to make super quick sort-of creamed spinach.

Back to the Main Event, the Beef & Cheese & Peppers/Onions:

Typically, it's made with thinly sliced ribeye or other cut. When you see places on TV, they have a deli slicer or other big machine and cut the raw beef into very thin slices. The recipes I saw said you can put the beef in the freezer ~15 minutes to help make it easier to slice the beef into thin slices.

I just used roast beef I got from the deli. It might be ribeye anyways. :) [Side Note: That's another tip for shopping for small servings. I love deli cold cuts anyways, but you can buy small portions like with fresh meat from the butcher because deli meat is sold by weight. You can get 1/4 lb. or 1/3 lb. if you only want to make a couple sandwiches. For other tips: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/tips-for-shopping-prep-for-small-servings ]

A benefit of using deli roast beef is that it's already cooked. You are just heating it up for a hot sandwich.

I put in a little oil (with the burner at medium) and then added the roast beef into the pot. My 2 non-stick pans were in the dishwasher, so I used a pot. :)

I added in some of the peppers/onions and topped it all with some cheese (some string cheese and a little shredded cheddar I had). [See post: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/string-cheese-please-quesadillas-and-more ]

To melt the cheese, I put a pot lid over the pot. This keeps the heat in, so the cheese will melt. This is the same technique I used in my cheeseburger post that I learned on TV. [See post: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/easy-7-minute-cheeseburger-on-the-stove-like-a-diner ]

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this! Actually, it could have been even faster. Some of the authentic Philly places use a cheese sauce, which is like cheez-whiz. I could have just put a little of the cheddar sauce / dip I used in my spinach on the beef. :) What I made was tasty though!

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