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4 of 12 - 2020: "Four Calling Birds" / Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Crescent Ring

This Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Crescent Ring is for the "Four Calling Birds," but it's a fun snack/appetizer or lunch anytime. It's just 8 small buffalo chicken sandwiches in a cute circle..

What I used:

- Crescent Rolls

- Valley fresh chicken (or you can use shredded chicken)

- Moore's Hot Wing Sauce

- String Cheese (or you could use cubed cheese)

- Daisy Sour cream (center for dipping)

I rolled out the crescent dough pieces. In a bowl, I mixed the chicken with some hot sauce. I cut the string cheese into ~1 cm pieces. I added a little bit of chicken and cheese to the middle of each crescent piece. Then, I rolled the dough. I did put them in a ring form before baking.

Here it is after baking! I put a dollop of Daisy in the middle for dipping. You could also have blue cheese or ranch dressing. Tasty and easy! :)

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