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3-D Stars Mobile / Make a Gift Day!

This book, Adventure Girls! Crafts and Activities for Curious, Creative, Courageous Girls is a gift itself and also the recipient can make gifts for themselves or others, so I decided to post it for "Make a Gift Day".

The book is filled with fun activities about building things and observing things in nature (doing STEAM without even knowing it :) ) as well as useful skills. It is also filled with facts and history about women leaders and adventurers.


Dec. 3 is Make a Gift Day! Making a gift is fun because even if it's not perfect, there is something special about having a personalized handmade touch.


This is one of the activities in the book, 3-D stars. Separately, there is also a section on constellations and astronomy! :)

What I used:

- Cardboard box

- Paint

- Foil

- Hot Glue Gun

- Thread (the thread is so thin it makes it look like the stars are floating in air.)

I was going to do a mix of colored paper and foil, but then I decided to do just foil.

I traced 2 circular plates (one smaller and one bigger to make a ring) in pencile and cut out a ring. Then I paint it bluish purple.

Next I cut strings of different lengths and glued them to the ring.

I made 3-D stars following the instruction in the book.

Then I glued them to the free end of the string.

I ended up using it as a tree topper for a tiny Christmas tree. So cute!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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