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3-D Christmas Tree Pancake Stacks

I was inspired and came up with something new and awesome (3-D Christmas Tree Pancakes!) by combining 2 things I saw.

On the Food Network, I had seen Christmas trees made of stacks of different sizes of star-shaped sugar cookies. Then, I just saw a Twisted YouTube video (below) where they made Christmas trees from stacks of different sizes of green circle-shaped pancakes.

Both looked like fun sculpting / cooking projects! I decided to combine them and make stacks of star-shaped pancakes to form a Christmas tree. Making pancakes is faster than making cookies and I still would get to do the fun part of sculpting and building the Christmas tree. The star-shape resembles a real Christmas tree too.

I also decided I wanted to make 2 different color green batters for the star pancake stacks because this would be a cool effect.

It's really easy and fun cooking art project!


- Bisquick (or your own pancake mix)

(plus milk and eggs to make the batter)

- Green food coloring (I used 2 different colors)

(Green food coloring makes it more festive, but you can make the Christmas tree pancake stack without it. :) )

- Cooking spray

Equipment: Mixing bowl, spatula, Ziploc bags, non-stick pan, plate, spatula

Steps / Instructions:

1.) Make your pancake batter.

- I just made Bisquick according to the box.

2.) Color your pancake batter green.

-- If you are using only 1 color of green food coloring, you can put this directly into the bowl. But you will probably need to put the pancake batter into a Ziploc bag anyways even if you only use 1 color (described below).

** Multiple colors of food coloring -- Mix directly in Ziploc bags:

-- I put some of the batter in different Ziploc bags and then put different color of green food coloring in each bag and pressed on the bags to mix it in throughly. This way I didn't have to use different bowls.

** Don't forget to close the top of the bag before you press on it to mix it. I forgot one time and spilled some pancake batter everywhere.

-- I was not that great at pouring the batter from the bowl into Ziploc bag and found that I needed to pour it into a measuring cup to make it easier to pour into the Ziploc bag. You're probably better at this than me.

3.) Put the pancake batter into a Ziploc bag -- which you will use as a piping bag (1 or more bags depending on how many colors of green you have).

-- See note above about using a measuring cup to get the batter into the bag more easily if you want.

4.) Turn a non-stick pan onto medium; spray some cooking spray.

5.) When you are ready to make the pancakes, snip off a tiny corner of the Ziploc bag and use the plastic bag as a piping bag.

-- You may be able to pour directly into the pan from the mixing bowl and form stars, but I didn't think I would be able to do this. That's why I recommend putting the batter into a Ziploc bag because you have more control.

5.) Pipe different size star-shaped pancakes.

-- For the tiniest pieces, I couldn't make stars. I just made smaller pancakes that would fit in the design and on the stack.

6.) Stack the pancakes in alternating colors with biggest pancakes on the bottom and smallest ones on top to form your Christmas tree.

7.) Display your art or eat!

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

How cute is that? I didn't decorate it. You can add some glaze or powdered sugar for snow or sprinkles for decorations.

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