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2020 Typography Ice Cream Fudge Block! (Tip: Paperclips as Custom Cookie Cutters!)

Updated: May 19, 2020

This "2020 Typography Ice Cream Fudge Block!" recipe was inspired by the "New Year's Typography" cake Tasty YouTube video. It's really cool. When you slice the cake, you can read "2020" (purple cake) and the rest of the cake is confetti cake.

It is like the 'slice & bake' penguin cookies I made (link). When I made the slice & bake penguins, there were different colors of cookie dough, which came together to form a penguin when I sliced them for baking. Similarly, there are different colors of cake in Tasty's New Year's Typography Cake and when you slice it, you an see the typography between the different colors of cake.

I wanted to make an easier version of Tasty's New Year's Typography cake, so I decided to use ice cream and fudge! Initially, I was going to use ice cream and brownies, but I didn't use brownies for 2 reasons:

1.) I thought the brownies would be too hard to slice through once they were frozen into the block.

2.) I didn't have the number cookie cutters that they had in the Tasty video and I thought it would be too hard to carve out consistent numbers in brownies without them.

** I hacked together a cookie cutter or template for the 2. See below. :)



- 2-ingredient fudge (see link for more details; really easy & really good)

- sweetened condensed milk & chocolate in 4:3 ratio


- softened vanilla ice cream (or your favorite flavor, but I wouldn't use chocolate or a brown flavor because it will be hard to distinguish your fudge 2020 from the background unless you make white chocolate fudge. Also, FYI, it takes about 30-40 min. at room temp for ice cream to soften.)

- multicolor sprinkles

- cooking spray

Equipment: breadloaf pan, saran wrap, knife, plate, parchment paper

-- For cookie cutter/template for the number "2": 2 big paper clips and plyers

1.) If needed, to make your cookie cutter/template for the number "2, take 2 paper clips and use the plyers to shape 1 into the outer part of a 2 and the other into the inner part of a 2.

** Obviously if you have number cookie cutters, use those and skip this step & steps 6-9.

2.) Put saran wrap in your bread loaf pan and spray it with cooking spray.

3.) Take your fudge out of the fridge.

-- See my post about how to make delicious 2-ingredient fudge.


4.) Put a piece of parchment paper on a plate and spray it with cooking spray.

-- You will put the numbers on here while you are sculpting them.

5.) Spray your fingers with cooking spray, so the fudge doesn't stick to them too much.

-- You can repeat this when you are working on building the numbers to be around 1" thick or more.

6.) Use a butter knife to cut around your number 2 paperclip template and put it on the parchment paper. Then put it in the freezer to set a little bit while you are working on the next number.

-- If it falls apart, it's okay because you can put little pieces of fudge to fill it in.

7.) Use a knife and carve a zero and put it on the plate and then in the freezer.

-- Whenever you are working on carving the fudge out of the baking sheet, you can put your plate with the fudge numbers in the freezer to help it set.

8.) Repeat and carve out a 2 and another zero.

9.) To make the numbers taller, you can either carve the exact numbers out again and stack them on top or ** this is easier, take little pieces of fudge and piece together the number "sculptures," slowly making all the numbers the same height.

10.) When you are done sculpting your numbers, put them in the freezer.

11.) Put a thin layer of softened vanilla ice cream on the saran wrap and pour some sprinkles.

12.) Place your fudge numbers in the bread loaf pan.

** Note: If your numbers are small enough you may be able to stack them so that you read 2020 on the shorter side of the pan (like in the Tasty video). My numbers were bigger, so I placed them this way. I did not make stand the numbers I made stand vertical in the pan because I thought they would not keep the shape.

13.) Fill in the gaps around the numbers with ice cream and cover with sprinkles.

14.) Put another layer of vanilla ice cream and sprinkles on top.

15.) Wrap the edges of saran wrap and put it in the freezer to set for at least 3-4 hours or overnight.

16.) Carefully take out your ice cream fudge block from the pan.

17.) Stand it up and reveal your typography (2020) by slicing some ice cream off!

-- Note: I only used about 1/2 of the brick of ice cream. I stood it up by putting some brownies I had behind it. Haha. :) (See in one of the photos below). If you use the whole brick of ice cream, it will probably be wide enough to stand up on its own.

18.) Eat!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Behind-the-Scenes (or Behind-the-Ice Cream, haha. :) )

A stand made out of brownies. Haha. :)

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