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10 of 12: "Ten Lords-a-Leaping" / Frog Prince Fudge

This is something I came up with for 10 Lords a Leaping! When I was looking on Pinterest, there were some different ideas with frogs because frogs lea, so I went with that! You could also use it for a fairy tale themed party or Fairy Tale Day (Feb. 26)

I decided to make fudge frogs with little crowns on them.

What I used:

- White Chocolate

- Sweetened condensed milk

- Green gel food coloring

- Cakesicle mold

- Cooking spray (to spray the cakesicle mold, so the fudge comes out easily)

- Decorative eyes

- Butterknife


- Pillsbury pie crust

- Corn syrup

- Wilton Gold sprinkles

I used the same easy fudge recipe I used before to make Bowling Day bowling pins -- ourthriftyideas.com. :)




I melted the chocolate and added the sweetened condensed milk. For some of the frogs, I left them white. For others, I added green food coloring. Then I sprayed the mold with cooking spray and spooned some fudge into the mold and put it in the fridge to set for a couple hours.

To form the frog, I used a butterknife to cut 2 lines, which helped form the legs. :)

I stuck the eyes in.


I took little pieces of pie crust and one edge with a jagged edge -- like a crown. I baked them at 400 degrees for about 8-10 min.

Once they baked, then I dipped them in corn syrup (it's sticky); then covered them with gold glitter sprinkles for more sparkles. Then I put the little crown on the frog.

Cute! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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